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1-800 numbers: Strengthening the base of the business

By: John Slater Sydney, AU (CLN) – Nowadays, inbound numbers like 1800 numbers are assumed as the sole representative of companies, in the market for direct contact and enquiry. The simple and easy remembering phone number has all the solutions for the customers. The customer care representative facility of inbound numbers has made the … [Read More...]

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Canada’s job market review for Q1 2014

By: Kevin Dee Toronto, ON (CLN) – The new year started with some optimism and we have seen some good signs related to Canada's job market.  Over the course of the first quarter the unemployment rate improved for a starting point around 7.2%, ending the quarter at a 6.9% unemployment rate.  Over the course of the 12 months ending March 2014 … [Read More...]

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Hold on to your hat in this stock market

By: Kevin Duffy New York, NY (CLN) – “Buy on the rumor, sell on the news,” goes the old investing saw.  Stocks are a discounting mechanism, which is why they act so perversely, often rallying after headlines turn gloomy and declining when news is glowing. It isn’t often that financial bubbles burst, so the recent carnage in so-called momentum … [Read More...]

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Many Westerners are victims of the U.S. government

By: Ryan McMaken Auburn, AL (CLN) – The militarized siege of a cattle ranch near Bunkerville, Nevada has drawn national attention as dozens of federal agents, armed with machine guns, sniper rifles, helicopters, and more, have descended on the ranch to seize cattle, people, and generally show everyone who’s boss. The conservative press has … [Read More...]


Ron Paul: Leave Ukraine alone

By: Ron Paul Clute, TX (CLN) – Last week Ukraine saw its worst violence since the break-up of the Soviet Union over 20 years ago. Protesters occupying the main square in the capitol city, Kiev, clashed with police leaving many protesters and police dead and many more wounded. It is an ongoing tragedy and it looks like there is no end in … [Read More...]

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Report: Delaware is the least dependent state

By: Staff Dover, DE (CLN) – With tight budget restraints and immense debt, deficits and unfunded liabilities, it’s no secret that many American states rely on the federal government. But how which are the most and least dependent today? WalletHub, a personal finance social network website, published a report entitled the “WalletHub Federal … [Read More...]


8 commonly ignored tax credits, deductions during tax season

By: Staff Washington, D.C. (CLN) – It’s tax season. Many Americans and Canadians only have a couple of weeks until tax returns are due. It’s likely that at this time tax filers are scrambling at the last minute searching for records, documents and perhaps even time to submit it to the Internal Revenue Service or Canada Revenue Agency. It is … [Read More...]

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Peter Schiff: U.S. economy ‘screwed up’, bubble in stock market

By: Staff Hartford, CT (CLN) – Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital, is quite bearish on the United States economy and called it a “disaster” in an interview this week with the Epoch Times. He explained that people think the U.S. is in a jobless recovery but in fact there is no recovery at all. Instead, says Schiff, “the country is … [Read More...]

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Ron Paul

What is Ron Paul reading?

“The Puzzle Palace” by James Bamford Written way before its time in 1982, “The Puzzle Palace” penetrates the NSA’s vast network of power and unmasks the people who control it, often with shocking … [Read More...]

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Virtual currencies creating jobs

From PFHub: With the growing popularity and acceptance of cryptocurrency, digital currencies have now become more than just currency or an electronic payment system. Virtual currencies, according … [Read More...]

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U.S. federal budget amounts to $3 million per word

From Economic Collapse News: Last week, the United States Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of the $1.1 trillion government spending bill. The Senate voted 72-26 in favor and was sent to President … [Read More...]

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