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Should you repeat the background check on volunteers?

By: Michael Klazema Dallas, TX (CLN) - More and more these days, employers are beginning to recognize the fact that, just because an employee passes their background check with flying colors upon being hired, that doesn’t necessarily mean their record will stay clean for the entirety of their employment. An applicant cleared by a background … [Read More...]

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Ron Paul on Cuba: Open the door and get out of the way

By: Ron Paul Washington, D.C. (CLN) - President Obama today took a bold and surprising step toward ending the futile 50 year US embargo of Cuba. The president announced he would begin normalizing relations, including upgrading the diplomatic mission in Havana to embassy status. The president also said he was taking steps to increase travel, … [Read More...]

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What is negligent hiring?

By: Michael Klazema Dallas, TX (CLN) - Whether you are looking to start a business, hire your first worker, or simply expand the operations of your current HR department, you need to understand the concept of negligent hiring from top to bottom. The threat of negligent hiring will not only inform your entire employee screening policy, but it … [Read More...]


7 things non-Christmas celebrators can do on the day

By: Staff Toronto, ON (CLN) - Christmas is right around the corner, and millions of people all over the world are getting ready by checking their list twice, inviting their friends and family members over for dinner and exchanging gifts with everyone in their social network. From the end of October until the big day, we're all inundated with … [Read More...]


The clock is ticking in Switzerland

By: Peter Schiff Zurich, Switzerland (CLN) - For most of my career in international investing, I had always placed a great deal of faith in Switzerland's financial markets. In recent years, however, as the Swiss government has sought to hitch its wagon to the flailing euro currency and kowtow increasingly to U.S.-based financial requirements, … [Read More...]

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Unlocking the power of Google+ to enhance your brand

Over the years, Google+ has become a necessary social media channel for marketers. Google+ has a consistently growing user base, unique functionality and easy interconnectivity with other services offered by Google. According to the Global Web Index, Google+ had overtaken Twitter to become the second largest online social network. When Google+ was introduced, many marketers […]

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New home sales fall to four-month low

By: Staff Washington, D.C. (CLN) – In July, new-home sales declined unexpectedly to a four-month low. According to a new report published Monday by the U.S. Commerce Department, sales slipped 2.4 percent to a 412,000 annualized pace, which is the fewest since March and smaller than the initial Bloomberg forecast. There were a variety of … [Read More...]


Obamacare tax credits may hurt tax refunds: report

By: Staff Washington, D.C. (CLN) – If you’re betting on a nice tax refund next year then perhaps you should start preparing for the worst as Obamacare tax credits may have a negative effect on income tax returns. According to one report, if your income this year is actually going to be higher than what you listed on your initial application … [Read More...]


Economists support Federal Reserve stimulus program, White House

By: Staff New York, NY (CLN) – A majority of economists support the Federal Reserve’s stimulus program and have conceded that the United States central bank is doing the right things to help the national economy recover, says a new survey released Monday by the National Association of Business Economists (NABE). The survey also found that a … [Read More...]