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15 controversial conversation starters in the workplace

By: Andrew Moran Toronto, ON (CLN) - Do you want to initiate a controversial conversation at work or do you want veer away from those types of conversations? Indeed, there are many water cooler conversation topics to embrace, but you have to ensure that they're not too contentious and won't transform the breakroom into a scene from "12 Angry … [Read More...]

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10 things your boss doesn’t really want to know about you

By: Staff Chicago, IL (CLN) - Are you the type of person who's an open book? Do you regularly reveal personal details about your life to strangers, colleagues and even your boss? Well, if you do then we hate to break the news to you: your boss doesn't really want to know and doesn't really care. There are certain things that your boss is … [Read More...]


Benefits of an IT Assessment – Outdated Computer Systems Play Havoc With the Bottom Line

By: Staff Irvine, CA (CLN) - It’s ever-evolving. While that’s exciting for techies, it can be a headache for business leaders, whether they are corporate executives or small business owners. Businesses periodically need to upgrade or replace creaky computer systems, or risk falling behind their competitors. If they try to muddle through with a … [Read More...]


11 reasons why you’re still out of work

By: Andrew Moran Toronto, ON (CLN) - We hate to break it to you. But you know what? It's not them. It's you! You're the reason why you're still out of a job. Your attitude, your resume and even your smell are deterrents to your goal of obtaining a job in your respective industry. Everything about you is the reason you won't be employed by a … [Read More...]


Problem: ‘I’m not creative’ Solution: Believe you can be

By: Staff New York City, NY (CLN) Imagination is the difference between the problems plaguing our every day and the future solutions to those issues; imagination is step one for answers that work, says problem-solving entrepreneur Mona Patel. “Imagine that you could work on an app that better informs financial decisions to help users get out of … [Read More...]

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Unlocking the power of Google+ to enhance your brand

Over the years, Google+ has become a necessary social media channel for marketers. Google+ has a consistently growing user base, unique functionality and easy interconnectivity with other services offered by Google. According to the Global Web Index, Google+ had overtaken Twitter to become the second largest online social network. When Google+ was introduced, many marketers […]