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Vic Fedeli should take one step further: eliminate Ontario minimum wage

By: Andrew Moran Toronto, ON (CLN) Is anyone paying attention to the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race? Probably not because they're still hanging our heads in shame for voting for Kathleen Wynne's Liberals. We should start honing in on this race. This week, Member of Provincial Parliament and Finance Critic Vic Fedeli released … [Read More...]


How to ward off compassion fatigue

By: Staff Cleveland, OH (CLN) - A willingness to see the needs of others and lend a helping hand can boost a person’s everyday happiness and make life more satisfying. But sometimes the world’s problems can seem so overwhelming – and each person’s ability to solve them so limited – that “compassion fatigue” sets in. Compassion fatigue is a … [Read More...]

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U.S. funds more death squads in Syria

By: Daniel McAdams Washington, D.C. (CLN) - US involvement in Iraq War 3.0 was initially sold as a limited, humanitarian rescue operation to save members of a religious minority the administration claimed were threatened by ISIS’s long march through northern Iraq. Who could object to rescuing a poor religious minority without sounding like a … [Read More...]


A dummies guide to the latest Swiss National Bank move

By: Robert Wenzel Zurich, Switzerland (CLN) - As the 2008 financial crises developed, international traders sought the safety of the Swiss franc. This flight to safety intensified as the Greek financial crisis took center stage in 2009. It resulted in the value of the Swiss franc soaring against the euro  (and to a lesser degree against … [Read More...]


How physical networking can be the same as social media networking

By: Marsha Friedman Wesley Chapel, FL (CLN) - I talk to a lot of business owners and authors who don’t “get” social media. A year or two ago when I’d speak with them, most were quick to say they didn’t understand it and didn’t need to. Today what I hear is: “I know I’m supposed to be doing that, so I have a Facebook account.” Or, “Yeah, … [Read More...]

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Unlocking the power of Google+ to enhance your brand

Over the years, Google+ has become a necessary social media channel for marketers. Google+ has a consistently growing user base, unique functionality and easy interconnectivity with other services offered by Google. According to the Global Web Index, Google+ had overtaken Twitter to become the second largest online social network. When Google+ was introduced, many marketers […]

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New home sales fall to four-month low

By: Staff Washington, D.C. (CLN) – In July, new-home sales declined unexpectedly to a four-month low. According to a new report published Monday by the U.S. Commerce Department, sales slipped 2.4 percent to a 412,000 annualized pace, which is the fewest since March and smaller than the initial Bloomberg forecast. There were a variety of … [Read More...]


Obamacare tax credits may hurt tax refunds: report

By: Staff Washington, D.C. (CLN) – If you’re betting on a nice tax refund next year then perhaps you should start preparing for the worst as Obamacare tax credits may have a negative effect on income tax returns. According to one report, if your income this year is actually going to be higher than what you listed on your initial application … [Read More...]


Economists support Federal Reserve stimulus program, White House

By: Staff New York, NY (CLN) – A majority of economists support the Federal Reserve’s stimulus program and have conceded that the United States central bank is doing the right things to help the national economy recover, says a new survey released Monday by the National Association of Business Economists (NABE). The survey also found that a … [Read More...]